Bhad Bhabie, also known as Danielle Bregoli, made controversial statements in a recently resurfaced interview from December 4, 2022, on Barstool Sports’ Sundae Conversation With Caleb Presley. During the interview, the host Caleb Presley asked Bhabie a series of questions, including about her OnlyFans account, which she had launched on her 18th birthday.

In response to his questioning, Bhabie expressed her belief that the individuals who subscribed to her OnlyFans account should be held accountable and even suggested that they should be “locked up.”

“You joined OnlyFans the night you turned 18?” Pressley asked.
“I think so, yes,” Bhad Bhabie replied.
“And people subscribed right away?” Pressley responded.
“Yes,” Bhad Bhabie answered.
“Should they be in jail?” Pressley questioned.
“Yes,” Bhad Bhabie responded.

This statement caused a significant amount of backlash and criticism, as many people found it offensive and disrespectful. Many people argued that people have the right to spend their money as they choose, and that it was wrong to suggest that they should be punished for their choices.

Furthermore, some people also pointed out that Bhabie’s statement is quite hypocritical since she was using OnlyFans as a way to monetize her own content, hence she might not be entitled to criticize people who subscribed to her account.

“@BhadBhabie you out here talking bout men should be jailed for subscribing to your only fans page when you turn 18. But them same dudes you spending they money . And putting it into scholar funds ppl . Give them they money back . Since you feel that way hell,” one person commented on Twitter.

“I agree @BhadBhabie cuz they been watching and waiting before u was a minor to see you explicit on @onlyfans disgusting!! Pedophiles and predators of the youth,” someone else opined.

“Word… only question is why did she make one? Quite frankly both parties are wrong. And she only says that after she collected every dollar off of it. Very contradictory,” another Twitter user posted.

It is worth noting that Bhad Bhabie’s statement and the claim that subscribers to her OnlyFans account should be “locked up” is quite hypocritical given her previous statements regarding her OnlyFans account. In April 2021, Bhad Bhabie made headlines after claiming that she had raked in $1 million within six hours of launching her OnlyFans page. Furthermore, she bragged that she has since made $50 million on the platform which is known for its explicit content shared by content creators.

It’s not really clear the reason behind Bhad Bhabie’s statement, but it seems to have attracted a lot of attention and criticism. Were you offended by her remarks? Sound off in the comment section below…

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