Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s relationship was anything but smooth throughout 2022. Nonetheless, their continuous pranks got them their own reality TV series, which most people can only dream about. Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s toxic relationship recently reached a new low.

The latest episode of Crazy in Love aired this Sunday. During the episode, Chrisean allegedly smacked Blueface in the head with a Hennessy bottle. She later removed the glass from his scalp.

New footage from the show reveals the aftermath of Blueface being cracked over the head with the Hennessy bottle. In the clip, Chrisean Rock can be seen scrapping her fingernail adjacent to a big gash on the back of Blueface’s skull in the video. The rapper seemed to be in extreme pain.

Chrisean told Blue: “I’m getting the glass out.”

Blueface replied: “You can’t just rip it like that.”

She then said: “I’m not ripping it. I’m getting it out. I’m ’bout to go and get a vacuum. But I didn’t want to be that rough.”

Chrisean Rock then left to get a vacuum, as Blueface looked off into the horizon as if pondering life. He wondered, “Why are you this way?” Blueface, Chrisean, and the Zeus Network have no qualms about depicting the couple in their most toxic condition.

During a weird conversation, Blueface insisted on calling Chrisean a bitch, despite her objections. Blueface got into a brutal battle with Chrisean’s father in the first episode of the show. Of course, the duo is no strangers to violence. Keep an eye on Thirsty for more.

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