Logan Paul’s in-ring efforts may have helped him earn the favor of WWE fans, but his involvement in a supposed scam certainly did him more harm than good. This is because Paul’s name has been dragged through the mud thanks to his recent CryptoZoo controversy. In fact, Paul is now threatening to take legal action for the whole controversy.

A while ago, The Maverick expressed his enthusiasm for CryptoZoo, a “cool game” that allows users to earn money, on his Impulsive podcast. YouTuber Coffeezilla’s three-part video series covered the entire fiasco and shed light on how shady the game can be.

Following this, Logan Paul was heavily criticized for his involvement with the game. This led to Paul going on a blocking spree on social media. Logan Paul decided to address all the accusations on his podcast and called them nothing more than a ‘hit piece.’ He then threatened to take legal action for the aforementioned accusations.

“You still published a defamatory hit piece, fully knowing that I was innocent, just so you could enrich yourself in your ’10 million dollar studio.’ Sharp! But deeply unethical. Dangerously misleading and illegal.


I suggest you use the money you got from pumping your Patreon to hire a good lawyer. You’re going to need it. You have used my name for views and money. He is a lopsided journalist with an agenda.”

After the whole scandal began, Logan Paul and Coffeezilla have been at each other’s throats on social media. By the looks of it, things could get messier and be taken to court. We will keep you updated on this developing story.

Do you think Logan Paul really ripped people off with the CryptoZoo scandal? Sound off in the comments!

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