6ix9ine is in the news again to address rumors that he hooked up with Pop Smoke’s ex-girlfriend. Rumors of the alleged hookup started circulating after footage surfaced online showing them sitting in two separate Lamborghini Urus SUVs with identical interiors.

Despite the possibility of both celebrities having the same model car, fans still speculated an alleged story based on the picture. The rapper took to Instagram to deny rumors that he flew out Pop Smoke’s ex-girlfriend Alyssa Danielle.

“@igmodeltearoom I never touched neither one of them girls,” 6ix9ine wrote.

Alyssa Danielle also posted an Instagram story of her own disproving the rumor by saying that she is too busy traveling 89 times a year to mess with 6ix9ine.

“I travel 89 times a year. Don’t mix me in no bullshxt cause i’m in the same place as mf’s!!!!!!!!!!”

6ix9ine has managed to stay under the radar recently. Earlier this month, the law firm of Meloni & McCaffrey sent a notice to U.S. District Judge Hector Gonzalez that they no longer intend to provide legal counsel to the controversial rapper after he went missing and didn’t pay his legal fees.

Check out the Instagram stories here:

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