R. Kelly’s legal issue keeps getting worse despite the best efforts of both he and his devoted supporters. The prosecution was questioned by the grand jury in the R&B singer’s Chicago case over why Kelly’s illegal marriage to a minor was not mentioned during the trial. Aaliyah Haughton, the girl in question, was only 15 at the time.

According to testimony from Kelly’s former manager, he assisted in creating a fake ID for the minor so she could marry the older singer, the Chicago Tribune reported. Due to the fact that the marriage took place in 1994, two years before federal law outlawed such an act, prosecutors claimed they were unable to use this in their case. However, at the defendant’s New York trial, where he was convicted on nine counts of sexual abuse, this relationship was used against him.

This marriage was reportedly a desperate move. Kelly was allegedly worried that he might have gotten Aaliyah pregnant. He believed that the marriage would shield him from legal action and prevent the girl from testifying against him despite the fact that he knew this would be evidence of his sexual connections with a minor.

Aaliyah’s parents nullified the marriage a year later. She was only 22 when she passed away in a plane tragedy six years later.


The convicted sex offender was also found guilty of racketeering, which in this case refers to the celebrity’s decades-long use of managers and staff to assist in his recruitment of young children whom he sexually abused and trafficked throughout the United States. While this evidence stirred up the New York trial, his most recent courtroom isn’t treating him any better.

The child trafficker was recently convicted guilty of numerous charges of child pornography back in Chicago. His time in court is still far from done because he has two more trials scheduled for the upcoming months: one in Minnesota and one in a Chicago state court. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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