Goldberg is certainly a legend in the pro wrestling business, especially after making a name for himself during WCW. Goldberg previously admitted that he regretted not appreciating pro wrestling in the past. Goldberg recently claimed that winning the WCW Title was not his biggest career achievement.

The native United States Champion entered the Georgia Dome for the biggest match of his career to the roar of 41,412 screaming fans yelling “GOLDBERG! GOLDBERG!” Goldberg defeated Hollywood Hogan to win the WCW World Championship in the main event of “WCW Monday Nitro.”

Goldberg performed in front of family and friends in the same arena where he competed for the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons. That night in July 1998 is still remembered by many fans as the best of Goldberg’s career, but not for the reasons they may think. Goldberg discussed the victory on The Roman Atwood podcast.

It’s not because I won. It’s not because I was the champion. Its not because I beat Scott Hall earlier in the night and I beat Hulk Hogan that night. It was because at the end of the night, when we went off the air, the nWo handcuffed me to the corner turnbuckle and beat the living poo out of me. Well you know who came to my aide? My Atlanta Falcons teammates.

That was absolutely the coolest thing ever, and for that one second, the guys I bled with, cried with and tried to be everyday, they wanted to be me. That was freaking cool. I could’ve died that day and that was the coolest thing ever.

Goldberg always wanted to be renowned for his achievements in the NFL, and he still gets emotional just thinking about it. Even though he only managed to play 14 games over the course of three seasons (1992–1994), his peers’ presence at the Georgia Dome to witness his ascent to the top of the wrestling world was more significant than he could have ever imagined. Listen to the full interview below.

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