NLE Choppa is without a doubt one of the new generation’s most popular rappers. He is also one of the most contentious artists in the hip-hop scene. NLE recently addressed sexuality rumors surrounding him.

On Monday, Choppa stated on Twitter that his “sexual preference is women,” addressing rumors regarding his sexuality. The post came the day after he shared a revealing selfie on social media. “First and foremost I love myself and I’m comfortable enough in my skin to show the beauty God blessed me with,” Choppa tweeted.

Secondly I LOVE all so I don’t mind attracting both genders, but most importantly my sexual preference is women. Please stop trying to make me something I am not.

Choppa also shared text messages he received in response to the aforementioned selfie from YouTuber Adin Ross. The incident happened just days ahead of Choppa’s 20th birthday. Monday isn’t the first time that Choppa has addressed rumors about his sexuality.

Choppa declared his sexuality in an Instagram Story video in April, following the release of his song “Slut Me Out.” He said, “two things, man. First and foremost no disrespect to any gays. I love gay people I feel like y’all brave as motherf*cker.”

I’m saying I love y’all I give my full support cause y’all brave as motherf*cker. Secondly, I’m not..that’s not my sexuality.

Let’s wait and see what more the rapper has in store for us. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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Shivangini Rawat

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