In a Russian court of law, Brittney Griner’s case had been pending for several months. Finally, in August the case got determined by the court, and her penalty was harsh; therefore an appeal was favored. Unfortunately, Brittney Griner’s Russian appeal was rejected, and a 9-year prison sentence was upheld.

In a drawn-out hearing on Tuesday morning, a court rejected WNBA player Brittney Griner’s appeal, upholding her 9-year prison sentence in Russia. The 32-year-old was present through videoconferencing from a cell but did not physically attend the proceedings.

Brittney appeared dejected the entire time as cameras captured her sitting and standing behind bars. Griner and her legal team had hoped that authorities would reverse a prior decision in the case or, at the absolute least, lessen the sentence. They claimed the sentence wasn’t appropriate for the crime.

However, Griner’s staff had anticipated this result. Her attorneys said on Monday that they did not “expect any miracles to happen” in a statement. It is unknown if Griner will be able to challenge the ruling in the future. The basketball athlete has been detained in Russia since February after being charged with transporting hashish oil in her luggage through a Moscow airport.


Criner admitted guilt to the charges at her trial, but she adamantly maintained that she had no intention of breaking the law. She received her original punishment in August. The United States claimed that Griner was illegally arrested, and several American officials claimed that they offered Russia a sizable deal involving a prisoner swap in order to get Griner back home.

Following her conviction, President Joe Biden declared in a statement that he and his team would “continue to work tirelessly” to bring her back to American soil. However, she has been imprisoned so far. Let’s see what happens after that. What do you think of Brittney’s verdict? Let us know in the comments. Keep checking Thirsty for more updates.

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Muskan Sharma

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