Brittney Griner is currently serving a nine-year prison sentence in Russia after being arrested at a Russian airport back in February for reportedly carrying weed in her bag.

Since, pleading guilty to her charges, the WNBA star is serving her prison sentence while awaiting some sort of prisoner swap arranged by the United States government.

While speaking to peaking to Gayle King of CBS, Griner’s wife revealed that her incarcerated spouse’s mental health has deteriorated since her arrest. Griner’s wife, Cherelle, revealed that the NBA star has been making some disturbing statements while being imprisoned.

One example given by Cherelle indicates that Griner feels her life doesn’t matter anymore. Obviously, this situation is far from ideal.

“My life just don’t even matter no more,” Griner reportedly told Cherelle.

Cherelle further stated that Griner is afraid of being forgotten in Russia. This is a very trying time.

“BG’s at her absolute weakest moment in life right now. She’s very afraid about being left and forgotten in Russia. Or just completely used to the point of her detriment,” Cherelle said.

Although Griner will appeal the court’s decision on October 25, there is speculation that she could be moved to a labor camp which is quite common for Russian prisoner, which could cause further deterioration to her mental well-being.

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