Akon has worked with everyone from Jeezy and Eminem to Michael Jackson and Gwen Stefani throughout the course of his 15-year career in the music industry. Many fans were surprised to learn that the “Locked Up” singer has never collaborated with Jay-Z. Akon has now finally addressed why there was no Akon and Jay-Z collaboration.

During a recent interview with podcaster Bootleg Kev, Akon explained why he had never collaborated with Hov in his career.

Akon shared, “Me and Jay never worked together, Which is crazy. I’m like, ‘how I worked with every artist in the globe except Jay-Z.’” The artist further said, “To this day I don’t know why.” Bootleg Kev went on to ask if a collaboration with the two artists ever got close to happening, to which the “Smack That” star shared,

 “It wasn’t even inquired. Because the thing is, I think it was the timing in each other’s careers. At the time when I was at peak musically, he was moving executively.”

It should be noted, Jay-Z was appointed president of Def Jam the same year Akon released his debut single “Locked Up.” The Konvict Music founder appeared to take a similar path in 2008, when he stopped making full-length albums and focused on promoting up-and-coming musicians T-Pain and Lady Gaga.

Akon’s remarks come after the Senegalese singer confessed that he had hair transplants in Turkey. The artist shared a few details about the painful procedure with host Kev.

 “In the beginning, my whole front was loose, it was real thin. The painful part is the beginning when they gotta numb you up. That numbing ain’t no joke. They stick a needle like this big, non-stop.”

We will have to wait and see whether Akon will end up collaborating with Jay-Z in the future or not. Meanwhile, you can check out the full interview below. Stay tuned to Thirsty for further updates.

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