Kanye West has been in the news as of late. Most of the hate directed towards the rappers has to do with his anti-semitism comments regarding the Jewish community. People are demanding action against Kanye West.

There’s clip from the rapper’s Drink Champs interview doing the rounds where Kanye Wests claims he can say anti-semitic stuff and Adidas won’t do diddly squat about it. Although, reports emerged that Kanye West’s relationship with the brand is under review. But this isn’t enough for the people as #boycottadidas was trending on Twitter.

“This dude Kanye is a clown. @adidas what do you think about this? He seems to imply you’re okay with antisemitism,” tweeted Alexander S. Vindman.

While many companies have dropped Kanye West, Adidas is yet to do so which why so many people are upset. Some folks even claim that Adidas is prioritizing profits over ethics. Many fans even pointed out that the founders who are a German family called the Dasslers have Nazi ties dating back to the 1930s. Given the ugly history of the brand, you would think that the company who issue a statement regarding the matter, but that hasn’t happened.

Check out the clip from the interview:

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