Brad Pitt is currently working on a Formula 1 movie. However, according to fans of the sport, Brad Pitt doesn’t seem to respect the sport in real life. These opinions come after Brad Pitt gave Martin Brundle the cold shoulder.

Brad recently was spotted on ground these past few days in Austin where the U.S. Grand Prix is taking place all weekend. Martin Brundle, a former race car driver turned journalist was present at the event. Martin Brundle is known for his grid walks where he conducts impromptu interviews with celebrities.

However, when he tried to interview Brad Pitt, the latter didn’t seem like he wanted to chat and skirted out of the interview with the journalist. This has offended several fans of the sport. Many fans stated that Brad Pitt should respect the culture and talk to Martin Brunder who’s an F1 staple.

Many fans even suggested that since Brad Pitt was making a Formula 1 movie, he should be well aware of who the major players are. Apart from this, Brad Pitt has been receiving VIP treatment at the Grand Prix.

Watch the video here:

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Sunil Joseph

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