Jennifer Aniston is one of the biggest celebrities ever. The Friends star captured millions of hearts because of her great performance in the show. However, it appears like Aniston isn’t really that great when it comes to applying spray tans.

Aniston uploaded a video on Instagram of herself getting her extremely orange foot scrubbed in the sink to share some tanning advice she had learned the hard way. The “Friends” star can be seen in the clip standing with one leg kept in a kitchen sink while a woman scrubs up her foot. She was wearing glasses and a black robe.

Aniston could be seen saying in the clip,

“Note to self. Hands and feet, you must lotion before a spray tan, otherwise … you end up with a situation.”


The team member could be heard saying, “oh my God, more than anything,” with a laugh as the camera zoomed in to show the LolaVie beauty founder’s streaky orange foot being lathered up. The “Just Go With It” actress’ feet may have ended up “an eight” like her “Friends” love interest in the iconic “The One With Ross’ Tan” episode, but the rest of her skin appeared even and flawless.

Aniston concluded the footage by saying, “This is what love is,” which was one of a series of images and videos captured during the filming of her Apple+ series, “The Morning Show.”

“Ross didn’t tell you about spray tans?” one fan wrote in the comments on the post, while another user added, “Been there in the spray tan lolll.” “Orange you glad you know now?” a third follower added.

However, the video wasn’t well received by all Instagram users. “why is someone washing your feet?? cant you wash them yourself?” one fan commented, while another added, “I don’t care how rich and famous you are, you can wash your own feet.”

Since experienced spray tanners know you shouldn’t shower for a few hours afterward to prevent the bronze from washing away, it’s possible that Aniston had to have a staff member handle the scrubbing so her hands wouldn’t get discolored as well. Stay tuned to Thirsty for the latest updates.

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Smita Singha Roy

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