Cole Bennett is the most recent personality to be challenged with taking on hot questions and even hotter wings on Hot Ones with host Sean Evans.

The Lyrical Lemonade founder just released new videos for Lil Yachty and blink-182, the latter of which saw Tom DeLonge make a comeback. In his recent appearance in Hot Ones, Bennett talked about his directorial filmography, particularly the competing bucket list opportunities that presented themselves on the set of the 2020 music video for Eminem’s “Godzilla” song, which also featured the late Juice WRLD.

“This video was like no other. It was one of those things. Like, growing up being a fan of hip-hop music, music videos, and just pop culture. I mean, I remember Eminem as being the biggest thing in the world so to get to work with him so closely and feel that energy and feel him be so ready to just log in all these hours and be so receptive to my ideas and my vision for things to, you know, a song that he had created was really, really cool.”

Dr. Dre and Mike Tyson appeared in the video, which was ultimately nominated for Video of the Year at the VMAs. Bennett claimed that Tyson was generous enough to provide him with shrooms while they were filming.

“Mike Tyson was off shrooms. He offered me some shrooms which, you know, was a bucket list moment for sure. But, you know, being on set and leading this vision was also a bucket list moment so I had to pick my poison there. Didn’t do the shrooms.”

Bennett also discussed being invited to Diddy’s place for dinner and the significance of comfort in his personal style. He went on to explain why, in his opinion, music videos are a “super important” aspect of the relationship between artists and fans. He highlighted how videos can challenge musicians to inhabit new worlds while showcasing their “character and personality.” Stay tuned to Thirsty for the latest updates.

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