Rich The Kid and Lil Wayne caught attention from hip-hop fans by collaborating on a record just a few months ago. Few anticipated this unusual pair to join forces, but sometimes you have to go outside the box to make a splash. Finally, they created a project that had a significant impact on their individual fanbases, which is all that can be asked for.

Rich and Wayne have released a music video for the song “Trust Fund” after releasing the album, and it appears that they are planning to release more. Rich The Kid actually tried to obtain a video from none other than Cole Bennett, but the director respectfully declined the offer.

We tried to get Cole Bennett to shoot a video for me and Wayne, he was cap talkin bout he selective. Lol boy FAMOUS DEX MADE U and you winning off our hip hop culture.

Rich was enraged by Bennett’s response, to the point that he slammed him on his Instagram story. Rich The Kid even accused Cole Bennett of benefitting from hip-hop culture and not paying it forward, as you can see.


Bennett is one of the most well-known directors working today, so it’s surprising to hear Rich The Kid take such a strong stand against him. Cole Bennett is extremely selective with his projects and Rich The Kid was not impressed. In any case, it doesn’t appear that he’ll be getting a Bennett video anytime soon.

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