Kevin Spacey began his career in the 1980s and soon found worldwide fame. His reputation came tumbling down when several men came forward accusing him of sexual assault. Actor Anthony Rapp is one of his accusers. After Rapp’s attorneys finished presenting the evidence, U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan dismissed the allegation of purposely causing emotional distress.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Actor Anthony Rapp’s accusations were recently dismissed. Elements of the claim, according to Kaplan, overlap with Rapp’s assertion that he was the victim of assault and battery. Rapp’s attorneys failed to establish their accusations, according to Spacey’s attorney, who pushed for the lawsuit to be dismissed.

Rapp, a 50-year-old regular on Star Trek: Discovery, claimed assault and abuse, and Kaplan said the trial can move forward with those allegations. He was a member of Rent’s original Broadway cast. Spacey is scheduled to testify later.

Spacey was an Oscar-winning actor who was well-known on the Netflix series House of Cards when allegations made by Rapp and others in 2017 abruptly ended his career. When Rapp and Spacey first met, the actor was 26 years old and playing on Broadway in Precious Sons. After a party, Rapp claimed that while he was lying on a bed in Spacey’s apartment watching television, a fully dressed Spacey entered, picked him up like a groom carries a bride, lay him across the bed, and partially got on top of him.


Rapp claimed that before leaving the apartment, he managed to escape and took a quick trip to the restroom, but not before Spacey followed him to the door and questioned his decision. Unless someone comes forward publicly, as Rapp has done, The Associated Press normally does not name those who are accusing another person of sexual assault. Stay tuned to Thirsty for the latest updates.

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