YK Osiris made a possibly bad decision by getting into a fight with a man who wanted to knock off his head. However, his security guards realized it maybe wasn’t the best course of action and handled the situation.

The “Worth It” singer exited Cardi B’s celebrity-studded party in WeHo on Tuesday night and got into his car. Then a clearly enraged man approached the Lamborghini Urus and began yelling obscenities at YK.

At that point, YK made the choice to exit and face the man. The security team, however, performed a good job as they pushed the irate man to the pavement right away and put YK back in his car.

Uncertain of the cause of the fight, the man soon directed his anger on YK’s security, screaming off the handle about starting a war. Eventually, though, the situation came under control, and everyone went their separate ways. YK was praised off-camera for taking the fight, despite the fact that he is a skilled boxer, it’s clear that his security did what was right.

This wasn’t the only trouble at the party, because Jamie Foxx wasn’t allowed in either.

This year, Los Angeles has been a terrible place for artists. In February, Kodak Black was shot just a few blocks from where Cardi’s party took place, and the harsh fact is that YK’s flashy necklace might have made him a target.

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