Cardi B recently celebrated her 30th birthday, and knowing Cardi, of course she had to have an incredible party. However, it seems that not everyone was able to be able there to celebrate with her.

TMZ reports that, shockingly, Jamie Foxx was not allowed entry to the party at the door. Jamie, and his group of about four or five other people, walked up to the venue of the party, only to his car moments later.

Jamie Foxx seemed to be taking to rejection well, for what it’s worth. The door guy quickly came running down to the street to ask Jamie to come back to the party, but Jamie didn’t seem to be interested anymore, and turned him down.

No, we not good. Nah n***a, it’s all good! I love you, but it was too much.

It seems that Jamie Foxx was initially denied entry because he had too many guests with him. However, it seems that whoever turned him away, quickly realised that they had made a mistake.

However, it was too late by that point, and Jamie Foxx was already over it all. Cardi, though, will probably not be too happy when she finds out one of her esteemed guests was turned away from her birthday party.

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