After Alex Jones’ misinformation lead to decade-long harassment of the Sandy Hook victims’ families, the right-wing radio host was asked to pay nearly $1 Billion in damages. Alex Jones, who is the founder of Infowars, argued for years that the Sandy Hook massacre was a government plot to take away Americans’ guns and that no one died.

TMZ reports that a jury in Connecticut found that the emotional distress and trauma caused due to Alex Jones’ actions were too big and hence deserved a big reward. As per the verdict, the total amount divided among eight families and one first responder amounted to $965 million.

The lawyer of the victims’ families Chris Mattei, told the jury in his closing statement that Alex Jones enjoyed revenue from his site while the families of the victims received death threats. Alex Jones who was live on his radio show when the verdict was announced had this to say.

“This must be what hell is like — they just read out the damages, even though you don’t got the money.”


The legal troubles started for Alex Jones back in 2018 when the families of the victims decided to go after Alex Jones and his company Free Speech Systems. Earlier this year in August, Alex Jones was asked to pay $49.3 million in a similar trial that took place in August. During this trial, Alex Jones acknowledged that the attack was “100% real.”

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