Brandy Norwood is an amazing vocalist with a distinctive sound that makes many singers envious. She has had a tough year after facing multiple lawsuits. Brandy’s year keeps getting worse as she was recently rushed to the hospital due to a possible seizure.

According to TMZ, Norwood is recuperating at a hospital in Los Angeles after potentially having a seizure. Law enforcement sources reveal that EMS was called to Brandy’s house at noon on Tuesday. According to sources with firsthand information, Brandy is thought to have had a seizure and was rushed to a nearby hospital.

As of right now, Brandy is still in the hospital, where her parents have been visiting her. It sounds like she will make a full recovery. It is unknown what caused the seizure or if it was followed by any subsequent health problems.

Back in January, the singer was hit with a lawsuit by a jewelry designer over a missing ring. After that, Brandy’s former housekeeper came for her money. As reported by TMZ, the singer fired the house help because she was too old, and still owes her for work she completed.

Brandy stunned the crowd with her performance of the National Anthem earlier this year during the NFL’s NFC Championship game. TMZ contacted a Brandy representative, but they haven’t heard back yet. Stay tuned to Thirsty to get the latest updates on this news.

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