Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is currently one of the most controversial celebrities, and for good reason. While she still has fans on TikTok, most of them just brutally roast and berate her.

Farrah Abraham changed up her look in a huge way to get attention from mainstream media. Not only that, she decided to get a Brazilian butt lift for Mother’s Day. She also complains about the most bizarre of things all the time.

Abraham also recently got a tattoo that made no sense. She went to the Soho House in Austin to get tattooed by Eddy Ospina on October 10. The reality star referred to her new tattoo as a “Farrah Freckle,” according to screenshots obtained by The Sun.

My first Farrah Abraham tattoo, hey! That’s my dot. Let’s get crazy

Ospina warned Abraham that the tattoo was going to hurt, but said it wouldn’t take long to complete. “So, you know, it’s gonna sting, alright, but it’s gonna be really quick and fast,” he told her.

Abraham looked at the camera and repeated what her tattoo artist said. “You know it’s gonna sting but it’s gonna be fast,” she said.

She spread out of right hand so the tattoo artist would be able to ink the inside of her middle finger.

Ospina told Abraham he would be delicate. “I’m gonna go gently.” After the tattoo was completed, Abraham posed for a picture with Ospina. She leaned into him and pointed to the “Farrah Freckle” on the inside of her finger.

What’s your take on this tattoo? Sound off in the comments!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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