Ronda Rousey was one of the most dominant competitors in UFC history. She was crowned the inaugural UFC Bantamweight Champion and held the title from December 2012 till November 2015.

Her dominant reign came to an end at UFC 193 when she was knocked out in the second round with a head kick by Holly Holm. In February 2016, Ronda Rousey appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss her loss to Holly Holm. During the interview, she revealed having suicidal thought following her loss.

Recently, No. 7-ranked middleweight Sean Strickland released an Instagram video detailing why he hates Ronda Rousey.

“I explained why I hate Ronda Rousey, why I find she is everything that’s wrong with the f*cking world,” Strickland said. “After a loss, she want on Ellen, and she said that she was in the back room, in the medical room after she lost, and for a moment she thought about killing herself. The she looked at her man, Travis Browne, and thought, I need to have babies with this man. I need to stay alive.”

“It was on the news, it was f*cking everywhere. I don’t know when suicide became cool but it became cool, like they made a Netflix show ‘13 Reasons.’ Everybody’s f**king depressed, everybody is suicidal, and let me f**king tell you guys, it is not f*cking cool. It is not f**king cool. Depression is like cancer, it’s f**king terminal. It’s like herpes, you might not have it but you always f**king have it and it’s waiting to f*cking come out,” continued Strickland.

Then he wrapped everything up by really laying it into Ronda Rousey to explain exactly why he hates her. In his eyes, she manipulated the public and used the topic of suicide to excuse her loss.

“Suicidal thoughts, for the people who have it, it’s even f**king worse. You fixate on it, you dwell on it, you start thinking about how you’re gonna do it. You start thinking about where you’re gonna do it, you start think about how your people are gonna take it, you really fantasize about it, and it’s f**king miserable. It’s not a fleeting thought because you lost a fight. And I hate Ronda Rousey because she used something so f**ked up and so serious as a ‘but I overcame it’ strong moment, when it’s f**king not. It is f**king not.”

Ronda Rousey’s loss at UFC 193 wasn’t the end of the world for her. She went on to have successful career in the WWE even becoming Women’s Champion.

What’s your take on Ronda Rousey scary thoughts after her loss at UFC 193? Sound off in the comments section.

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