Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham has been making headlines recently, and for the wrong reasons. Last week. the reality star was arrested for hitting a security guard. However, she has continued to deny that claim. Now, it seems she is being criticized for something else and it definitely has to do with her daughter.

Farrah Abraham’s 12 year old daughter, Sophia recently shared a now-deleted video on her TikTok account where she showed her homeschool setup. The video revolved around her daily routine and how she get rids of distraction while she is studying. Not to mention, Sophia also talks about her dog and how much she loves studying alone in her room.

“Hey, guys. It’s me, Sophia. Today I’m going to be sharing with you how I study and work on school,” the 12-year-old says in the video. She then proceeded to say, “First, get rid of all your distractions.” “My biggest distractions are my dogs because they never leave my room. They just love my room so much. But anyway, they have to go.”

Sophia then panned the camera to her bed. “Um, anyways, this is my bedroom. I work on my bed, I do not like desks,” she says. “So, yeah.” At the end of the TikTok video, Abraham could be heard yelling in the background. “Mom, you interrupted my voice recording,” she says in a baby voice. “You’re done.”


Though the TikTok video has since been removed, a Reddit user took a recording and posted it to the “Teen Mom” forum. Naturally, the video garnered a lot of attention and mostly negative. Fans were alarmed about Sophia being secluded from other children her age.

“She has the demeanor of a child who doesn’t spend time with other children and it makes me sad,” wrote one person. “I’m glad she has her own room finally,” another person added. “I’m still really concerned for her, though.”

Fans aren’t the only ones who are afraid for Sophia. Sophia’s grandmother, Debra Danielsen also said she was scared for her granddaughter. Looks like the teen mom’s alums are really not doing great as parents.

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Anushmitta Dutta

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