There was a precise reason why Elon Musk and his daughter Vivian severed their ties. Fans were eager to hear from Musk regarding his daughter’s gender change, but he wasn’t ready to speak. Finally, now Elon Musk addressed his alienation from his daughter Vivian, saying, “Can’t win them all.”

Four months after his daughter Vivian, now 18, underwent a name change and gender transition, Elon Musk finally spoke up about their separation. In an interview with the Financial Times that was published on Friday, the CEO of Tesla claimed that “neo-Marxists” at educational institutions had impacted his child’s decision to remove herself from him.

Musk, 51, added, “It’s full-on communism and a general sentiment that if you’re rich, you’re evil,” without mentioning which organizations he was alluding to. The businessman acknowledged that his tense bond with Vivian “may change” in the future.

Along with Griffin, Saxon, Kai, and Damian, the SpaceX inventor also has a 16-year-old son with his ex-wife, Justine Wilson. Along with Grimes, he is the father of their 10-month-old daughter Exa and their 2-year-old boy X AE A-XII. The engineer and Shivon Zilis welcomed twins in November 2021.

“I have very good relationships with all the others. Can’t win them all.”

In June, it was revealed that Vivian had applied to alter her name and gender two months earlier. She had also asked to have her last name changed from Musk to Wilson. The teen described her justification in the April filing as “gender identity and the fact that I no longer live with or wish to be related to my biological father [Elon] in any way, shape or form.”

Justine Musk appeared to tweet about a conversation with Vivian at the time, even though Musk and Wilson did not directly address their daughter’s choice.

“‘I had a weird childhood,’ my 18-year-old said to me. ‘I can’t believe I’m as normal-seeming as I am.’”

Wilson wrote at the time, adding that she told her child how “very proud” she was. “I’m proud of myself!” What do you feel about Vivian’s decision? Let us know in the comments. Keep checking Thirsty for more updates.

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