Serena Williams is regarded as one of the best women’s tennis players in the entire world. Like all good things must come to an end. She announced her retirement from pro tennis last month. Fans might be shocked to know Williams doesn’t let her daughter attend her tennis matches and she had a perfectly good explanation for that.

In a preview clip of The Drew Barrymore Show, Williams touched on the subject of bringing her five-year-old daughter, Olympia to her tennis matches. She says her daughter’s presence at her matches is an added distraction and that she would transform her into mom mode at the court.

Well, I just was worried I’d get distracted because I would be like, ‘Wait, is she drinking? Is she doing this?’ She came to a match once, like super brief, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, is she wearing sun cream?’ It’s nuts. So, I would get stressed out and be like, ‘Wait a minute, oh my goodness, I’ve got to serve. This makes no sense.’ So yeah, I’ve never really had her at matches until this summer actually.

Williams recalled the match from this summer that Olympia attended with her father, Alexis Ohanian. The tennis legend gushed as she described the sweetest experience she had on the court.

Apparently she was saying like, ‘Go Momma, I’m so proud of you,’ and I was like, ‘What?’ “So then she comes back after I had lost in Cincinnati, she came back and she’s like, ‘It’s OK, Momma, you just have to do what you feel,’ and I literally wanted to cry it was like, ‘Do what you feel. Do what your heart tells you.’ It was the sweetest thing ever. 

Williams lost to Ajla Tomljanovi in the third round of the US Open earlier this month, in what was possibly the final match of her remarkable career. Even after announcing her retirement from the sport, she hasn’t completely ruled out the possibility of returning.

The 23-time Grand Slam champ has previously stated that she has already hired a professional instructor to teach her daughter tennis. She could very well be the next star in training. Meanwhile, check out the clip below.

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