Serena Williams has had a successful career in the Tennis world since 1995. She announced her retirement two weeks ago at the US Open. The 23-time major tournament winner spoke to Good Morning America about her future plans, and a return to tennis isn’t out of the question.

While Williams never insisted that she would return to tennis and in what capacity, her words had a profound impact on the viewers and the hosts. Serena has the second-highest tournament wins in her career, and she doesn’t seem to be ready to hang up the boots for good.

Williams made a reference to Tom Brady and continued talking about it. Serena has had excellent fitness during her time on the tennis court. She has always made the match look more valuable. In her defense about returning, she didn’t close the book entirely.

I mean, you never know. I’ve just been saying that Tom Brady started a really cool trend… And the way he did it. A few weeks, you know? So …”


Serena Williams expressed her fondness for the racket, and that’s likely never going away. She said she loves the sport a lot. It’s had a profound impact on her life and has been the shining light in her career. Even through her retirement, she still wants to contribute to the sport.

While there’s no immediate plan on how Serena will give back to the sport that gave her the name and fame she has, it’s clear there’s something up her sleeve. She isn’t letting anyone know anything definite yet, but we’re all waiting.

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Amit Shukla

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