Doja Cat is so hugely popular that she can divert attention to herself in any situation. This time she has made Island Boy mad for joining his live video.

On TikTok Live on Monday, Doja Cat was seen conversing with Island Boys member Flyysoulja. The Planet Her rapper does not, however, seem to be an eager participant in the conversational tape. Then Doja tries to exit the live broadcast in her customary chaotic fashion.

Doja wanted to escape the situation in the least embarrassing way possible. “How do I get you off live?” she asked. Flyysoulja responded in disgust, “She wants to get me off the life? “Are you serious?” Watch the TikTok here.

Flyysoulja was topped up with a new high in anger as he screamed in the viral 30-second clip. This happened just after Doja said, “Look at Me!” and finally exited the session. The Internet Boy’s futile efforts to keep her in the video failed in the end, making him laugh deliriously in anger.

People took to the comments of the TikTok video and made hilarious points for both parties. One fan wrote in the TikTok comment section “She’s so valid for that.” Another one went on to point “Oh he was hurt hurt!”

Doja Cat is now working on the follow-up to her Grammy-nominated Planet Her album while she enjoys her online antics. Stay tuned to Thirsty for Doja Cat stories.

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