Young Rock is one of the most popular shows on NBC. The show focuses on Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s childhood, as well as his rise to fame and his relationship with his family. The Rock recently explained how the series’ creation had a greater purpose for him.

The Rock took to Instagram to write an emotional post dedicated to both his grandma and his on-screen grandmother. In the post, he explained how ‘Young Rock’ has served “a greater, deeper purpose far beyond than just entertainment” for him as an individual. He also reminded his fans to hug their grandmas while they still have a chance.

I love and miss you grandma 🕊❤️. I’m emo as I type this, because I just didn’t want to let her go….. @atuisila has played my grandmother on Young Rock for the last two years. This is the first time I’ve met Ana. But right now I’m holding my grandma one more time. Looking at her and talking to her one more time. Young Rock is so surreal and has served a greater, deeper purpose far beyond than just entertainment for me. If the show goes on for 10 more seasons or it all ends today — I’m so good and grateful, because I got to hold my grandma one more time.

If you guys have the blessing to have your grandma or grandpa around, make sure you hug em hard because you never know when it could be your last. I love and miss you grandma and one day we’ll dance again.

Your Tuife’ai 🖤

Thank you, Ana.

Thank you.

The Rock’s real-life grandmother Lia Maivia’s life is featured in most episodes of the autobiographical series. In the show, she’s portrayed by Ana Tuisila. So it was only natural for the actor to get emotional while writing the tribute post.

Young Rock Season 3 premieres on NBC on Friday, November 4th. The popular series will compete with SmackDown, Fox’s major WWE programme. The show recently cast an actor in the role of Attitude Era star Brian Christopher as well. In the series, The Rock previously teased a match with Roman Reigns. He then noted that he didn’t know if a Roman Reigns bout would take place when he chose to hype it.

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