The second season of the sitcom “Young Rock” aired back in May this year. The show has been generally very well received. However, there is perhaps one person, whose thoughts on the show might be more significant that those of others.

The person in question, of course, in none other than Dwayne Johnson, the inspiration for the show itself. One of the key moments in the second season takes place in the fifth episode, where a young Roman Reigns tries to wrestle Johnson.

This scene, of course, is meant to act as a teaser for a fight between The Rock and Roman Reigns. In an interview with Wrestling Inc., Brian Gewirtz revealed what The Rock thought about the teaser.

I remember running it by Dwayne and he is like, “Yeah, I don’t know if the match is going to happen, maybe it does one day, maybe it doesn’t.”

Gewirtz also stated that it wasn’t like The Rock and Roman Reigns would have to end up fighting at WrestleMania just because it was teased on Young Rock. Instead, he just sees it as “a cool moment in the Young Rock universe.”

That being said, while Gewirtz states that the line “did not have any WrestleMania implications going into it,” it certainly seems like he was open to the possibility.

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