Kim Kardashian has always been flaunting her body in front of the camera. After all, that’s how she got famous in the first place. Kim recently showcased her assets in a plunging SKIMS bra.

Kim Kardashian recently teased the impending release of a new bra collection by posting a new clip to her SKIMS Instagram page. The 41-year-old reality star provided a behind-the-scenes glimpse at a handful of the products that will be added to her billion-dollar business.

The bra line, which goes on sale on September 27, has a wide range of alternatives and comes in several materials to provide customers with plenty of options. The mother of four was spotted wearing a black plunge bra from the brand-new Naked Collection at the beginning of the film. Kim continued to explain as she turned to model the garment.

I love this bra. This one is going to be my every day. There’s nothing more comfortable than this. Usually, I had a lot of arm pit fat, and back fat, and that always bothered me. And you just don’t have it with this bra. That is so crazy. It just fits so good and molds to your body,

Kim showed off a scoop tank, also from the Naked Collection, in black and said that even though it was a “sports bra,” the fabric was “thin.” The star appeared in the Weightless Collection’s black scoop neck bra in a later segment of the video. The entrepreneur and aspiring attorney flaunted her toned form as she provided an inside look at a handful of the choices prior to the official unveiling. Check out the post below.

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