Kim Kardashian continues to bask in her status as one of Pop culture’s most polarizing figures. The fashion mogul’s famous behind broke the internet back in 2014 when she graced the cover of Paper Magazine. Kim Kardashian may have set the Internet ablaze with her most recent butt-baring magazine cover for Interview, but Piers Morgan, a famed newsman, isn’t a fan.

Kardashian is featured on the cover of this month’s American Dream magazine with bleach blonde hair, pulled-down trousers that reveal her butt, and a jockstrap. According to the New York Post, Morgan questioned Kardashian’s latest photoshoot. He thinks if this is the American dream, then everyone is doomed.

You think the American Dream is about baring your ass in front of the flag?

My first thought when I saw it was to burst into derisive laughter, which is my usual reaction to anything the Kardashians ever do. Forgive me if I barf. I’m not even American, but found this cover horribly offensive and inappropriate — not because I’m shocked to see Ms. Kardashian’s flesh yet again infecting social media at warp speed like a COVID-style digital virus, but because her claim that it represents the American Dream is such a grotesque desecration of what it should represent.

The ex-America’s Got Talent judge attacked the founder of Skims in his review of her most recent cover, calling her a lady devoid of any obvious talent whose entire career was predicated on her participation in a filthy sex film. The accompanying profile for Kardashian was described by Morgan as total fantasy and breathtaking in its vacuity.

The 41-year-old posted the exciting news to her 329 million Instagram followers with the caption “Interview Magazine, September 2022: American Dream Issue.” Check out the Instagram post below. Also, you can read Kim Kardashian’s full conversation with Interview Magazine here.

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