Kanye West is in a bad place with his business partners, the friction between him and Adidas has continued to intensify over the last few weeks. Ye recently went after GAP, eventually ending his deal with the clothing brand. Now the musical genius is looking forward to taking control back of the sneaker side of his Yeezy brand.

Kanye West’s contract with Adidas is slated to end in 2026, but the 45-year-old rapper wants out as soon as possible. Ye has called out the German company multiple times on Instagram in recent weeks, but Adidas does not appear to be interested. However, it appears Kanye has additional tricks up his sleeve that might help him get his way.

Kanye presented an intriguing royalty deal to Adidas on his Instagram stories. Ye stated that they can still be distribution and production partners for his footwear. He also promised the company 20% of the net sales profit.

Adidas I’m willing to give you 20% of sales. Not ownership[.] As a non-exclusive manufacturing and distribution partner. Adidas I’m willing to give you guys a royalty[.] 20% of net profit.


The Chicago native mentioned stated that he had no desire to talk with Adidas executive Torben Schumacher. He wants to address his concerns directly to the company’s decision-makers. Ye then reaffirmed his rant, saying he loves war.

Adidas I’m not speaking with Torben again. I’m the king[.] I only speak to the decision-makers. I Love War.

Adidas might have been responsible for Ye’s net worth skyrocketing, but since the Yeezy brand has made massive waves in the market, the rapper seems to want full control over his business strategies. That being said, it is going to take a lot of negotiating from both sides for Ye to have his way.

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