NBA Hall of Famer was shopping at Target when he encountered a YouTuber trying to play pranks on him. Naturally, he had no patience for that, and he simply went off on the guy.

Famous YouTuber Lofe was at the mega store pranking people when the two had their encounter. Lofe tried to pull a fart prank on the NBA Hall of Famer, which went horribly wrong as pranks often do.

Lofe walked over to Allen and started making endless fart noises. If that wasn’t enough, a cameraman filled the instance from over a distance. That led to Allen being completely ticked off.

My man! I know you hear me. You following me around trying to do some bulls**t over here. I know you hear me. Keep it moving!

Allen only got angrier when Lofe and the cameraman weren’t moving on even when he told them to back off. They insisted that they were just taking pictures, though that didn’t seem to cut it.

Lofe posted the video on his YouTube channel, where he has almost a million subscribers. The YouTuber says that he didn’t know that he was pranking the former Celtics star, maintaining that he thought he was pranking a random person.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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