Ben Simmons has been through a lot in the last few months. When it came to his holdout with the Philadelphia 76ers, Simmons was brutally chastised, particularly by Shaq. Shaq even exposed Simmons in February for slipping in his DMs regarding his latest criticisms. Simmons has now shared his side of the story.

Shaq exposing Simmons sparked a conversation about him being an LSU alum and how he needed to be a better LSU brother. During an interview on “The Old Man And The Three” this week, Simmons discussed the incident with Shaq and how the NBA legend is truly at fault. Simmons stated that if they were genuinely LSU brothers, Shaq would have sought out when he learned of Simmons’ mental health issues.

I DM’d him and I was like, ‘why are you saying this if you don’t even know the story?’ ‘Cause he always wants to say like yo, we’re LSU brothers, you’re my brother, all this, that. If you’re my LSU brother you would’ve reached out by now and it’s been months since I’ve been dealing with this. You ain’t reached out once and said like, ‘hey, you OK? Like, what’s going on.’

Simmons’ podcast with JJ Redick has yielded a number of intriguing tidbits from the Nets star. Simmons obviously wanted to defend himself, and this was his first chance.

It remains to be seen whether NBA fans will change their minds about Simmons. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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Shivangini Rawat

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