Ben Simmons has received a lot of criticism this year. Of course, this is because he hasn’t participated in a single game this season, which has led some to call him “soft.” However, Ben was recently heckled at a candy shop but he has proved to be a pro when it comes to dealing with them.

The Brooklyn Nets player was just doing his own work in the IT’SUGAR candy store when an unidentified man excitedly approached him and gave him a dap, but it quickly turned sideways. “Oh my God. It’s you, bro!” the man said on the clip.

“Russell Westbrook, bro! Russell Westbrook, bro! Oh my God, bro!”

And at that moment, Simmons’ expression changed. “Don’t play with me,” Simmons said to the troll. “Don’t play with me.”

But the man continued, deliberately calling him “Westbrook” once more. The men with Simmons eventually intervened, approaching him and telling him to go away. “You can’t shoot bro,” the guy said to get in one more shot. “Sorry, bro!”

Naturally, the fan made the comparison because Ben and Russ have recently had trouble finding their shooting. Both of them have been the target of criticism from the press and Twitter experts. However, Ben deserves praise for handling it casually and not letting the situation get serious. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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Smita Singha Roy

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