Bethenny Frankel is now receiving media attention, because of her involvement in the Adam Levine cheating controversy. Fans must be aware of the ongoing accusations that Adam is dealing with. Now that Bethenny Frankel has made up her mind and she doesn’t believe that the cheating scandal involving Adam Levine is “big news.”

The former cast member of “Real Housewives of New York City” admitted that she finds the internet-shattering flirtatious texts that Adam Levine allegedly sent Instagram models to be unfunny and uninteresting. On Thursday’s episode of her “Just B” podcast, Frankel said in jest about Adam Levine.

“Adam Levine is cheating on his wife. He is a rock star, he is a world-famous, successful musician who’s toured the world, historically dated models, and I know it’s shocking he’s having an affair. It’s all anyone can talk about. It’s just an absolute stunner,” 

The former Bravolebrity said that she had “never heard of anything like” renowned men scheming with their alluring wives, making reference to Levine’s longstanding partner, former Victoria’s Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo. Frankel, who is renowned for offering sharp commentary on pop culture news, continued.

“Did he roast your bones? Where’s the big news? It’s like, ‘Oh, my God, a rock star is cheating on a supermodel!’ Like OK, what else? What else?”

“I need something to sink my teeth into because a rock star cheating on a supermodel isn’t going to do it.”

The founder of Skinnygirl then informed her audience that she can “sink [her] teeth into” allegations against Armie Hammer for rape, sexual assault, and even “making baby back ribs out of his dates.” Frankel did not end there, she further reiterated.

“Adam Levine cheating on a f–king supermodel? I don’t get it. … It’s all so boring.”

The host of “Big Shot with Bethenny” brought up several other famous guys who had had affairs, including Jude Law, Woody Allen, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and added, “that’s a motherf-king story,” to end her tirade.

“I need more than a tatted-up rock star texting Instagram models. How much more basic can we be? Give me something more, people.”

Levine has been charged with sending at least five women inappropriate messages over the years, according to allegations made public this week. The model Sumner Stroh posted a TikTok video on Monday that went viral in which she claimed the singer of “Payphone” had “manipulated” her into having an affair.

This is when the artist’s problems started. She also claimed that it was a “physical” relationship. Shortly after Stroh’s video went viral, Levine said he “broke the line” on Instagram Story but refrained from physically cheating on Prinsloo who is expecting their third child.

The Grammy winner has not responded to any of the allegations made by the other four women. However, what’s your take on the allegations? Let us know in the comments. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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