DaniLeigh deals with a lot of criticism online. She’s been dealing with the aftermath of her relationship with DaBaby after it fell apart. The rapper laughed when she played him the songs from her ‘My Side’ EP.

Leigh’s attempt at communicating with her fans online often results in heaps of people hurling insults at her. Everyone has a limit, and sometimes the comments get to the star.

The artist took to social media and posted an Instagram Story of herself crying at the airport. Hollywood Unlocked later reshared the clip, and it attracted a lot of negative attention in the comment section.

DaniLeigh was not happy to see this, to say the least. She asked in the comments section why are fans upset about the simple fact of her wanting to be with her child as soon as possible.


Honestly everybody that’s being mean can go suck a fat one !!!! I miss my kid !! Tf !?!!!! Why are u guys so upset that I’m upset ??? Man I hate the internet !!!! There’s a hurricane going on in DR for the air heads that think I’m jus missing a flight to see her !

Leigh is often at the center of some controversy. While sometimes people do have an opportunity to direct some insults at her, this was completely uncalled for. It’s unclear when that’s going to stop, but it seems to be the trend so far.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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