Hip-hop GOAT discussions frequently lead to a wide range of options because every music lover has different preferences. However, Jay-Z is frequently discussed because of his unquestionable prominence in rap. The mogul has been praised as one of the finest for decades, and with each new release, that reputation keeps on increasing.

No matter what period of the culture one may have grown up in, Jay continues to be a recognized figure both musically and professionally as a younger generation of Hip Hop grows with new sounds and styles. Offset recently explained about Jay-Z’s continued influence.

Offset recently appeared in an interview with Speedy Morman for Complex, and in a video clip that was posted online, he was asked to identify his all-time favorite artist or his GOAT. To which Offset responded, “I gotta say Hov. All his sh*t is platinum.”

“So, you know like, sometimes the success is the reason why people say he’s the greatest of all time [for] what he did after Rap. Bro, on Rap, you can’t play with him!… You can’t play with him since the beginning of time. He always had the biggest records, he always got the biggest people and did the biggest records, and he still come back and make impactful records, right now.

If Jay do a verse right now, everybody wanna hear it to support [what] the man saying. Twelve bars, ’cause it’s not a—then he so up but his flows be so relatable.”

Rappers strive for a legacy like this. You can check out the video down below and keep an eye on Thirsty for the latest updates.

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Smita Singha Roy

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