T.I. is one of hip-hop’s most successful artists of all time. He is well known for both his temper problems and his propensity to stir up controversy. T.I. recently disclosed the highest paycheck he has earned.

The Atlanta native recently appeared for an interview with former NFL player Tony “The Closer” Robinson. He claimed in the interview that he previously received a check for a staggering $26 million. T.I. didn’t specify where the pressure came from, but he acknowledged that maintaining such a figure comes with a lot of pressure.

The most money I’ve ever had at once as far as one paycheck? I think, I don’t know, $26 million maybe, something like that. To be honest with you, man, it’s a lot of pressure. It’s a lot of pressure to maintain, manage. Because getting the money ain’t half as challenging as keeping it.

I walked around with a $10 million check in my wallet for like a year. I ain’t want cash. For one, I ain’t need it. I was still getting show money, it was just a lump sum. And that’s another thing, I’ve gotten big checks, but I already had money. So I just added this with that, neither here nor there. Man, eight-figure checks feel like the devil could potentially pull you under. That shit just feel like it’s a lot of scrutiny, ’cause people are after this.

This is what everybody wants. I’m holding it right here in my hand, it got my name on it. This is what everybody wants. A muthafucka would tear my head off for this, you hear me? So now that I have it, you can only have as much as you can protect. So it feels like a lot of responsibility.


T.I. acknowledged that extensive checks are preferable to none, but he stressed that money is useless unless handled properly. “You use the money to do things that will generate more opportunities to get more money. A lot of us have been taught to use money as a tool to boost and stroke and kinda fan the flames of the ego. Myself included, I ain’t tryna exclude myself, me too.”

T.I. added that money is a tool and people use the money to get more money. People use the money to get more peace and security for themselves and their families. Check out the full interview below.

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