T.I. is one of hip-hop’s most successful artists of all time. However, the main question is whether he was successful in teaching his children etiquette despite his riches. His son King was recently arrested, and now T.I. has now spoken out.

T.I.’s son King recently got into some legal issues. The other day, footage emerged of King revealing that he was arrested before his mugshot went public. He did not say why he was arrested by police, but he did say he was on his way to vacation when he was pulled over.

I’m sorry that a muthaf*cka caught me while I was on my way to vacation. I’m sorry, I thought I was doing what a young n***a was supposed to do. I ain’t wanna be in there. Everybody that’s saying n***a trying to be gangsta. I ain’t ask for the police to pull me over, y’all b*tch a*s n**as.

Till now, T.I. and Tiny mostly kept their mouths shut about the situation. Tip took to Instagram, where he addressed his son’s arrest on Live. “If he gotdamn keep that sh*t up, he’s going to prison. Ain’t no way around it, ain’t nothing I’mma be able to do about it,” he said.

‘Cause I know that energy. I was that energy. I know exactly how it’s going to turn out.

So, I already had that conversation with him, man. King’s a good kid chasing after the wrong sh*t and you know, I trust God to deal with it in the way He sees fit.

He stated that he did his best from a young age to raise his child right. His latest actions, on the other hand, are something he will have to deal with on his own. “So now, he gon’ have to go through it. He gon’ have to go through and get through it,” he added.

As we all know, apples do not fall far from the tree. You can check out the full video below. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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