Jake Paul defeated Tyron Woodley in a boxing match back in August last year, which many fans believed to be nothing but a fluke. Tyron Woodley is again prepared to give the public what they want. A fight between KSI, the YouTube sensation-turned-boxer, and the future UFC Hall of Famer, might be on the way.

KSI polled his 8 million Twitter followers by asking them if they would prefer to see him face T-Wood, Dillon Danis, Slim, or Dr. Mike in January. And the winner, as of this writing, is Tyron Woodley with 264,446 votes, or 36% of the followers surveyed. According to TMZ, the MMA star recently revealed his interest in the match.

KSI, I like that he’s energetic, he’s all into it, he’s all over the place but he’s gonna get f-cked up playing around me. My new slogan is ‘don’t get f-cked up by having me f-cked up’ and he’s had me f-cked up for a long time talking sh-t about my name.

40-year-old Woodley then messaged the 29-year-old YouTuber directly. “KSI, I know you watching because you watch everything I do. You probably was a fan of me like everybody else. If you’re watching this, you wanna be a fighter, you want the respect, get the full training camp to yourself as you requested. I’ll get the full training camp. January, we can get it cracking. We can get it cracking in White Castle. We can get it cracking in U.K. We can get it cracking in Vegas.”

Regarding the fighters’ résumés, Woodley is undoubtedly one of the greatest MMA fighters ever. KSI isn’t a slob, though. He recently engaged in two fights in one evening. At the O2 Arena in London, he stopped Swarmz and 2-5 pro fighter Luis Alcaraz Pineda. Check out the video below.


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