All does not seem to be well with Cara Delevingne nowadays. While no one publicly said what is happening with her, she is in some form of distress as many indications prove it.

TMZ reported that Cara is struggling with issues that go beyond substance abuse. According to her friends, the desperation to get her help is becoming increasingly obvious. One of the model’s closest friends, Margot Robbie, was visibly distraught this week shortly after leaving Cara’s L.A. home.

Sources with firsthand knowledge told TMZ that Margot’s emotions were justified in exploding that day. Cara has reportedly been battling for some time, initially due to mental health concerns, but now her loved ones think that she also needs treatment.

Sources familiar with the situation shared with the outlet that Margot and other friends are advocating for Cara to immediately get into a treatment program that includes mental therapy as well as substance abuse treatment. Margot and Cara were on vacation together in August. They went to Spain to celebrate Cara’s 30th birthday, and ever since then, Margot has come across as more unstable in public.


Last week, she looked totally disheveled and seemed confused after initially boarding one of Jay-Z’s private jets in Los Angeles. The flight never took off, and she got off it 45 minutes later. Additionally, when Magot went to visit Cara, she was meant to be at her own NY Fashion Week event, but she never made it to NYC. We’ll keep a close eye on the situation. Stay tuned to Thirsty.

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Shubham Banerjee

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