Kevin Hart enjoys getting advice from his fans on social media, but responses may get fiery at times. Hart recently slammed fans who tried to teach him how to take a selfie.

Kevin Hart dropped a TikTok video that caused some attention. Kevin appeared to be extremely concerned. Kevin began the video with the catchphrase “public service announcement.”

At first, it appeared to be a serious announcement, but as Kevin proceeded forward, the actuality became apparent. Hart was furious with whoever was attempting to teach him how to take a selfie.

“Quick public service announcement. You guys want me to take a picture… Now say yes!!! You say all of me to get a selfie and then you go hey all you gotta do is a flip the thing around and just press this button… Like I don’t know use it. F*ck you your phone…Hmm… Like I Don’t know how to use a good damn my phone.”

Kevin, on the other hand, received a lot of support in this Tictok video. DJ’s post was even overwhelmed with comments, both agreeing and disapproving. What are your thoughts? Sound it out in the comments. For further updates, stay tuned to Thirsty.

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