Cara Delevigne made a name for herself by being an amazing model. Apart from that, the 30-year-old has starred in a significant amount of movies and shows. However, this time her fans are concerned by the state she is in due to her jarring display at an airport.

Cara was behaving erratically on her way to Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles Monday. The “Carnival Row” actress was captured by paps on the way to the airport in the backseat of a Chevy Suburban. Her feet dangled from the window as her driver made his way through LA traffic.

The model showed up two hours late for her flight on Jay-Z’s private plane party. Delevingne and her pooch de-boarded the plane after about 45 minutes. It’s unclear as to whether or not she was asked to leave or not.

Once back on the tarmac, the smoking Brit appeared very jittery as she dropped her cell phone several times while speaking on it. She was in her yellow socks walking in a haphazard manner on the road. This sparked a raid of concerned fans rushing to ask if she is doing fine on the internet.

One fan wrote“what’s going on with Cara delevingne???? i feel so sad for her </3.” Another begged, “will someone please check on cara delevingne for the love of god.” One concerned observer tweeted, “feeling for and sending love to Cara Delevingne. This is really scary and lonely. hollywood is such a dark place and she clearly needs a new team and some people that actually give a f–k about her.”

This behavior has left some of her close friends feeling concerned for her. The inexplicable behavior has created a huge room of speculations leading to scary conclusions by many. Hopefully her friends, family, and agency will have a serious talk about her present condition.

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