Nicki Minaj has been a pop icon for the majority of the decade. Subsequently, she has made numerous award show appearances and won a bunch of them. However, this time we found out Nicki’s true popularity when her VMAs false nail went up on sale online for a hefty sum.

Nicki Minaj won the Video Vanguard Award at the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony. Despite this being the main event for her that evening, a different incident took primary focus. A nail piece of her fell off during the medley performance on the VMAs. It was later found for sale on eBay for a whopping $55k.

eBay user taw1678 started the auction for the unusual memorabilia item on Wednesday. Sources have claimed the press-on nail has already sold for $55,000, though the existence of the listing can’t be verified. The person auctioning gave a brief description of how he came about that piece of false nail.

“I was front row in the pit at the VMAs and Nicki’s acrylic nail fell off moments before she started to perform (her crew quickly glued on a replacement). This nail was WORN by THE QUEEN NICKI!! Our phones were locked up during filming, however, I have included photos taken before and after the show to prove authenticity. Happy to provide any further evidence if desired.”

The item’s description claims that taw1678 came into possession of the nail while he was positioned in the front row of the VMA pit. It was exactly where Nicki performed her medley and the nail flew off right before her show kicked off. However, this isn’t the first time a Hip-Hop artists’ memorabilia was sold on the internet.

In 2015, DMX‘s son auctioned off a platinum plaque commemorating three of his father’s platinum albums. Last July, a fan also found a pair of French Montana‘s much-talked-about “Coke Boy L.A. Ave” sneakers and sold them for less than a dollar on eBay. eBay sale of Wu-Tang Clan’s still-unreleased album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, was sold for $2 million.

Nicki Minaj’s aforementioned performance at the 2022 MTV VMA’s included a setlist of all her greatest hits. She also went up on the stage to address mental health issues and the need for opening up. It’s safe to say that Nicki has made quite the positive impact with her speech.

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