Kim Kardashian became a billionaire last year and things started looking up from there. Kardashian is a smart businesswoman who will do whatever is necessary to meet her goals. During a treadmill workout with Ashton Kutcher and Peloton VP and head instructor Robin Arzón, Kim Kardashian demonstrated her endurance.

The group came together for Ashton’s new show Our Future Selves, in which he invites his famous friends to work out at a Peleton class. Ashton recently shared a preview of the show on Instagram. Ashton was overjoyed to see the creator of SKIMS there, sporting her extremely stylish take on a running outfit.

Excitement level? I’m at like 11 today. My friend Kim is here. I’m really, really stoked to have a conversation with her.

Ashton greeted the reality star, who had long, frosty blonde hair, by saying, “You showed up. When Ashton remarked, “You don’t even run,” Kim responded, “I do not,” confirming the cardio rumors. She still managed to dominate the workout despite that.

Kim moved quickly past Ashton, who is now preparing for a marathon. The That 70s Show actor remarked, obviously pleased, “You are literally running a 7-minute mile pace. What is happening right now?” Kim expressed her surprise at her abilities by saying, “I think this is what I’m missing in my workout. So it’s been inspiring and a little bit life-changing on how I’m gonna move forward with my routine.”

The adorable woman from Calabasas has been obsessing over her workouts recently. In a recent interview with HollywoodLife, celebrity trainer Melissa Alcantara discussed how Kim has been developing her trim physique. Check out the post below.

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