Will Smith and Chris Rock created history but for all the wrong reasons. After Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair, Smith stormed the stage and struck Rock in the face, earning the award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. Dave Chappelle recently called Smith an “ugly” person for the Oscars fiasco.

During a recent performance at Liverpool’s M&S Arena, Dave Chappelle had a strong reaction to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Academy Awards. According to The New York Post, Dave called the King Richard actor out for revealing his true colors in one of his jokes about the incident.

Will did the impression of a perfect person for 30 years, and he ripped his mask off and showed us he was as ugly as the rest of us. I hope he doesn’t put his mask back on again, and lets his real face breath. I see myself in both men.

The Chapelle’s Show comic urged Will to be more genuine and true to himself while labeling the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor ugly in the performance. As the two comedians reunited on stage, the conversation started, and Dave questioned whether the slap hurt. Chris said that it stung and made the joke about Jada Pinkett-bald Smith’s hairstyle that it wasn’t painful enough to merit a slap.

During a comedy concert at the Hollywood Bowl in May, Dave had a notable run-in with someone who attacked him after going on stage. In a statement provided by his agent Carla Sims, he addressed the issue. He claimed that Chappelle refused to allow that night’s incident to eclipse the magic of this historic moment and that his performances at the Hollywood Bowl were epic and record-breaking. Stay tuned to Thirsty for the latest news and updates.

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