Wiz Khalifa is certainly one of the most established musicians in the industry who is largely known for his hit performances on stage. Wiz’s performance was recently ruined by an incorrect song order, which led to Khalifa’s outburst. His most recent concert turned into chaos and fans panicked and ran away from the event.

During a Wiz Khalifa concert in Indiana, all hell broke loose, leaving concertgoers terrified about their lives. The Ruoff Music Center in Noblesville’s headliner was the top-charting rapper. A brawl that started near the front of the stage toward the end of his performance interfered with the enjoyment of the audience. According to Fox 3, a shooting was also reported at the scene. This cause concert-goers to flea the situation.

The scene worsened when several witnesses allegedly heard gunfire. As a result, hordes of customers started scurrying for the door. Rory Appleton, who covers pop culture for the Indy Star, reported about the event.

Everyone just fled the @wizkhalifa show at @ruoffmusicenter. People were screaming about shooting. We all ran out… climbed fences, did anything to get out.

Local law enforcement officers on duty at the venue immediately acted to lock down the area. A representative with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office released a statement. “The emergency plan was initiated and followed, and all gates, including non-public exits, were opened. Subsequently, the venue patrons self-evacuated. Police staff deployed multiple quick response teams and swept the area. No weapons were found,”

Three people were sent to a nearby hospital to receive minor injury treatment. There haven’t been any arrests yet. The event is a stop on the Vinyl Verse Tour, which also includes DJ Drama, Logic, and other artists. The tour began in July and will culminate in St. Louis on September 2. Check out the video and tweet below.

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