Wiz Khalifa is certainly one of the most established musicians in the industry who is largely known for his hit performances on stage. But Wiz’s performance was ruined by an incorrect song order, which led to Khalifa’s outburst. Wiz Khalifa recently sat with DJ Envy and Drama to apologize for the nightclub DJs’ outrage.

Wiz Khalifa has finally spoken out about his heated outburst directed towards a pair of L.A.based DJs inside a nightclub, and he admitted that he was out of line. During a special edition Breakfast Club interview on Friday, DJ Envy interviewed Wiz alongside DJ Drama.

DJ Envy interviewed the superstars to represent all turntablists globally who may have been concerned by the sight of their backup support being trashed by the star rapper. Wiz, for one, didn’t hide behind his notoriety, claiming that he wasn’t too big to apologize.

“I apologize to anyone I’ve offended… sincerely,” the Taylor Gang CEO said to begin the conversation before explaining what happened from his point of view. According to Wiz, he was scheduled to perform at WeHo’s club Poppy to promote his new album, “Multiverse,” but when it came time for his turn on the mic, the song order that his team had submitted ahead of time was all messed up.

Other songs that were not on the lineup also appeared at random throughout the performance. Wiz confessed that when he lost his cool, but in the aftermath, he faced a lot of flak from the DJ community, most notably Kid Capri who actually helped organize the Breakfast Club summit.

Envy claimed that Capri called him and asked for Drama’s phone number, and the interview was scheduled shortly after. Wiz claimed that he contacted DJ Mikey Danger several times. Everyone appears to have had a rough day. What’s your take on it? For further updates, stay tuned to Thirsty.

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