Wendy Williams is best known for her talk show and the iconic purple-hued set, which ran for 13 seasons until it was canceled due to health and substance abuse concerns. Williams is currently fighting her financial advisor in court. Despite that, she was seen smiling on a late-night errand in New York before the statement that she was left in a mess by her financial advisor made headlines.

According to Daily Mail, Wendy Williams appeared upbeat and cheerful during a late-night run in New York City earlier this week. As she walked to a convenience store, the 58-year-old former talk show host wore short shorts and bared her belly in a tied-up shirt. It happened only days before her ex-financial manager, LaShawn Thomas, said the celebrity was ‘left to die.’

Williams, who just ended her long-running television program, put on a leggy show in Daisy Dukes. They were cuffed at the hem, and she accessorized with a gold chain belt as she flaunted her long legs. The low-cut bottoms revealed some of the New Jersey native’s star tattoos, which she paired with a plunging black t-shirt.

Wendy showed off her cleavage by tying the tee in a knot in the center, drawing attention to her midriff and cleavage. The mom-of-one made a statement with a bright, hot pink lipstick swipe that she matched with a blush in a similar shade. It highlighted her dimpled cheeks, and she accentuated her eyes with black liner and mascara.

Williams, who rose to prominence as a New York radio host in the 1990s, layered multiple bangles and a watch on one wrist. She put on a glamorous show, with her nails painted a bright pink and carrying a huge green Gucci bag. The city slicker took a yellow cab SUV to the local store to make a quick purchase.

She sported a pair of sleek and fashionable Louis Vuitton sneakers in black and white. The gossip queen wore her flowing golden blonde hair in a center part and curls across her chest. During the late-night journey in New York, she looked to be in good spirits.

As previously reported, Williams’ former attorney said her former financial manager “left her to die.” Wells Fargo financial adviser Lori Schiller, who no longer works for Williams but is involved in her lawsuit against the bank, is attempting to “muddy the waters” by allegedly contributing to a false report that Williams’ son misused her American Express card.

After everything Wendy Williams has been through, she appears to be happy now, which is a wonderful thing. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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